Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Most nights before I go to bed, once the little one is down, and Jon has fallen asleep, I try to pick up the house a bit. The only problem with this is that it frustrates me to no end that my house is always a mess. I get flustered picking up clothes that couldn't make it to the hamper, and dishes that didn't get put into the dishwasher.

Tonight, however, was different. Tonight I realized just how truly blessed I am, and how easy it is to get caught up in life and forget to thank God for it all.

As I picked up Jons work clothes that he left in the floor, instead of getting angry, I thanked God for giving Jon a way to provide for our family. When I put the days dishes in the dishwasher, I thanked God for giving us food, and most importantly food for our daughter. Putting away the blanket and toys that always make their way to the middle of the living room floor, I thanked God for giving me a beautiful daughter who has the ability to play and laugh. Instead of feeling anxious about the mountain of laundry needing to be done, I just smiled because my family has nice things to wear. And as I was locking the doors, I realized I have everything I ever dreamed of having. I have a loving husband, a sweet baby girl, a house to call home, a huge family that loves me, and most importantly a God who loved me enough to lead me down the path to it all.

I know I'm counting my blessings when I go to bed tonight... don't we all have something to thank God for?